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Sellout #002 – Your logo tattooed on Tied Revolverman’s arm?
November 15, 2010, 12:04 pm
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The second item in Tied Revolverman’s “Sellout” series consists of exclusive access to the advertising real-estate that is a patch of his own living, breathing skin – pure and simple.

This means that as of today you can place your bids for the very special placement of your logo – permanently tattooed on his upper left arm. (This is the spot that usually is most visible in any public appearance or stage presence that involves TR’s parttaking, and therefore the most valuable in marketing terms.)

The image shall be no more than 5x5cm of size, but in the colour of your own choice.

If graffiti can be viewed as the opinion of the individual “invading” public space (i.e. commercially regulated property), then this will be quite the opposite: This is an exclusive opportunity for the corporate brand and its message to the market to invade an individual’s body – for life-long exposure.


Initially, the idea was to have an exception. This exception would be that anyone representing “unethical” companies or industries were not to be allowed to place their bids at this auction. After all this particular Revolverman is of a rather trigger-unhappy and environmental-friendly nature.
But after re-thinking this, it was decided that this would be wrong. This because in the world of hard cash – the world where the entire “Sellout” series belong – there’s nothing more valuable than that of an “unethical” nature. The “unethical” is in fact the very essence of global capitalism.

We (i.e. you, me and everyone we know) have decided through our democratic processes and free market consumer choices that anything that is of a destructive nature should be considered far more valuable than anything that’s not. Thus, weapons, environmentally damaging products, destructive technologies, synthetic drugs, unhealthy food etc. etc. have been collectively decided to have a far higher value than such banalities as love, compassion, music, natural health, peacemaking etc. etc.

This is something we are all consolidating day by day and hour after hour by upholding our personal support towards this system. This is not decided by someone “other” than ourselves – the consumers.

The Revolverman has therefore decided to rather accept this collective voice of the people, and won’t mix his personal convictions into a business matter like this. In fact, it would be totally un-democratic and an act of bad ethics in itself to exclude anyone from bidding. You are therefore most welcome to place your bids, even though your trade is in death, pollution, destruction or pure greed – if you have the dough.

If you’re “nice”, and have more cash than the bad guys, you’re also welcome.

After all – this is capitalism.

Any resemblance to the ultra-commercialism of Damien Hirst is highly coincidential – there lies no tribute to him whatsoever within this work.

This auction is open until 1200 CET Monday the 22nd of November 2010 at this link. Starting price $25.000 (including ink).


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