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August 29, 2022, 3:30 pm
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A 50-year old electrician has a midlife crisis and starts making ambient music. A group of people in Berlin uses sound to induce the release of DMT in the brain in order to travel between dimensions, and a character named ∆EON walks the streets of London while rebelling against the digitally connected society they live in, as part of the “DisCon” activist movement. 

“Pyramids On The Moon – a multi-dimensional autobiography” is a work in progress, where the main body of work is a story about life and music in three parts, each describing an alternative timeline to the author’s own, where the three main “characters” create and release their music under the artist names WAVE∞FORM, MENTAL OVERDRIVE and N∆EON TE∆RDROPS respectively.

Although the three different versions of the author’s personalities exist in parallel universes, they are still somehow connected, and each one encounter different “portals” through which they become aware of the others, without necessarily understanding that these are other versions of themselves.

Through the process of storytelling, “Pyramids On The Moon” allows for exploring questions around identity and authenticity, both on a personal and professional level, and by shifting through the different modes of character the author can use the freedom of not having to be “oneself” to open up for new forms of musical expression.

The text has so far been posted chapter by chapter on the project website,, and the musical output of the three artist can be found at the project’s own page on

Some of the music has also been made available as official releases through the label Love OD Communications, and a series of NFT’s connected to the project has been dropped at

You can now support the further development of the story and its connected music by becoming a patron at


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