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Monster the movie (In English)
November 27, 2013, 2:05 pm
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A few of our international friends have been asking about the “Monster the movie” post that we put up on our website and Facebook page (in Norwegian) this week, so we thought we owed an explanation in English:

Basically, we’re applying for crowdfunding for the completion of our new film “Monster”, which is a collaboration between director Carl Christian Lein Størmer and Love OD Communications.

Those of you who have seen our previous collaboration, “Ghost radio Hunter”, which was made in connection to the Frost album “Radiomagnetic”, might have a slight idea of what to expect. Those of you who haven’t, but are curious to see it, can PM us on Twitter or Facebook, or send a mail to to attain a password-protected link for a private viewing of GRH (the film is still doing the rounds at film festivals around the globe, so we cannot make it openly available yet).

In our next endeavour “Monster”, we have left the Arctic ghost towns of Svalbard for the rather inhabited London, where we’re following a very special friend of us through a (for him) pretty normal day.

Along the way we bump into some well-known landmarks and areas of the city, but also quite a few (unknowing) men and women on the street, as well as a few underground celebrities (!)

Musically, the film is based around Mental Overdrive’s 2013 single “Mønster“, and will also include other passages of music and sound design by M.O.

Up until now the film has been mostly financed by ourselves and our ever-present DIY ethics, but as we’re now getting into the final stages of production and feel that we want to put in a little extra time and effort in making this as close to a little masterpiece as our abilities will allow us, we’re reaching out to you – the people – to help us finalize the project.

If you feel that you might want to get involved, we have worked out two suggested ways of supporting us:

You can either:

1. Donate a sum of money of your own choice to the project.

2. Buy a special “VIP support kit” from Love OD Communications.

The “VIP support kit” includes a copy of the Mental Overdrive 12″ single “Monster / Ritual” on white vinyl, a copy of the forthcoming Mental Overdrive album “CYCLS” on CD, and an invitation to a private screening of the finished film at the Tromsø International Film Festival in January 2014.

The vinyl single is quite limited in numbers, and is only on offer as far as stock lasts. The CD version of the new album (due for release on December 21st 2013) is also limited, and mainly for distribution in Japan.

For all of the above we’ve been asking the equivalent to £50 for the Norwegian campaign, but as we don’t expect all our international friends to jump on the first plane leaving for the Arctic in 2014 (some might?), we’re also offering an exclusive online screening of the finished film to those outside of Norway who wish to support us.

Because of this, and  because of the higher postage cost involved for supporters based outside Norway to receive the goods (which we have to add to the price), the international version of the kit will be offered at the reduced price of £40.

As services like Kickstarter doesn’t work for projects based in Norway, all transactions will be accepted through Paypal. Those who are interested in getting involved can PM or email us for payment details. You will then also get a password-protected link to a preview of a short teaser for “Monster”.

We hope this project might appeal to some of you, and would be very thankful if you’d help us spread the word!


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