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Sellout#006 – “WISDOM”
December 13, 2010, 11:00 pm
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Following the actions of Tied Revolverman’s brother in DNA, electronic artist Mental Overdrive, who has now openly announced his support for controversial global journalist network Wikileaks by dedicating his new single to the organization, the Revolverman feels that he has to take some precautions:

In order to avoid making life too difficult for those who might consider such support troublesome, and therefore would like to keep an eye on such an openly-speaking citizen of the free world, the object for sale in Sellout#006 – “WISDOM” is a recently removed wisdom tooth from Tied Revolverman/Mental Overdrive’s own mouth.

This way – in case a DNA-sample should be needed by any of the investigating authorities – it can simply be aquired upfront here and now through eBay at a minimum price equal to the actual cost of removing it at the dentist’s office earlier this autumn.

The auction is open until 1200 CET Monday the 20th of December 2010, and you can place your bids above the starting price of 175.30 USD at this link.


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