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Tied Revolverman launches “Sellout” through eBay
November 8, 2010, 12:07 pm
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As of noon today, Monday November the 8h 2010, Tied Revolverman will open the highly commercial auction series “Sellout” through eBay.

In “Sellout”, the rules are simple:


“Sellout” will put one item, or a group of closely related items – one at a time – up for sale on eBay. This will repeat every Monday at noon (CET), and each item will be open for bids until noon the following Monday, when a new item will take its place. This will continue until:

a. There are no more items to sell

b. The global financial system collapses

c. The Internet ceases to exist

d. Civilization as we know it comes to an end.

As “anything can be sold”, any item that is in Tied Revolverman’s possession can be put on offer – whether it is his works of “art”, clothing, furniture, electronic instruments, thrash, found objects, documents, food, body parts, photographies, personal memorabilia etc. etc.

But as with all good rules, there’s an exception:

As it would be an act of total stupidity to get oneself banned from eBay in the middle of this campaign, no illegal substances or items will be put on offer here.

All items will be posted with a minimum asking price that reflects the value Tied Revolverman himself consider each item to possess. If an item fails to sell it may be put up for sale again at a later stage, as failing to be “in the right place at the right time” is not considered a valid reason for failing to make a good deal in Tied Revolverman’s book.

Each piece will be given a genuine number, starting with “Sellout #001”, which will be a size 94x105cm colour print of the montage “YEAR ZERO” (as pictured above). This will be printed and sold in no more than 5 copies, and any resemblance to the works of Richard Prince is highly coincidential – there lies no tribute to him whatsoever within this work.

So, join us in this fantastic celebration of capitalism! New items will be announced every Monday, and the announcements will be made at Tied Revolverman’s blog. Items will also be announced through the Love OD newsletter and website.

This week’s auction can be attended here.


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