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‘Earthbound’ – now available for Kindle
April 21, 2010, 12:09 pm
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Tied Revolverman

Have you ever wondered what really will go down in 2012? Or why sleeping volcanoes seem to be waking up all around you? Or why the icecaps are melting? Or whether they are melting? Or whatever happened to Nikola Tesla’s most valuable invention? Or who really stood behind the success of The Beatles or the spreading of Christianity throughout the western world? Or how history will be viewed in hindsight, centuries from now? And what you’ve missed while sleeping in your own history-lessions? Or if the Apocalypse is actually coming, and wether these claims to have the answers to all of these questions can be trusted in any way?

Then you should check out Tied Revolverman’s ‘transmedia novel’ ‘Earthbound – Surfing the Apocalypse’, available now for the Kindle from Amazon.

If you don’t own a Kindle yet, you can download software versions of it for your Blackberry, Mac or iPhone at Amazon’s Kindle store for free.


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